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Bitcoin stickers and Ethereum stickers


Bitcoin Trio
Ethereum Trio

Our cryptocurrency stickers invite you to banish the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds. Customize your favorite accessories. Stick our Bitcoin stickers on your phone or laptop. Decorate your running bottle with Ethereum stickers... Let your desires guide you. The world of cryptocurrency is lived in many ways. Each one has its own style!

An original and well-designed custumization

When we came up with the idea of offering you cryptocurrency stickers, we were immediately excited, but only if you get quality stickers! Just because we're talking about small decorative accessories doesn't mean we shouldn't think big, right? So we have come up with a whole series of varied and carefully made stickers. They are made from high quality paper. On the front, they feature the logos of the cryptocurrencies. On the reverse side, they offer an adhesive surface. The whole thing is weatherproof.

The art of decorating in cryptomaniac mode

At Crypto World, we have more than one trick up our sleeve. We don't just offer you a few basic stickers. We prefer beautiful stickers full of style. And since we know that everyone has their favorite cryptocurrency, we opted to offer you the most beautiful representations of their logos. Enthusiasts, the curious and the die-hard opt for a splendid triptych of 3 Bitcoin stickers or 3 Ethereum stickers each measuring 40 mm in diameter. So you can have the logo of your favorite crypto-currency in 3 aspects: matte, brushed aluminum and prismatic.

With our cryptocurrency stickers, claim your philosophy. Discover now our other exclusive derivatives. Play whales with our crypto Whale mug or surf on the geek fashion with our Ethereum Mars target t-shirt. Our creations are dedicated to you.