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Cryptocurrency Coin



How about real coins from an intangible world? That's just what we offer with our metal cryptocurrency coins. Just for fun, decoration and collecting pleasure! Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin or Tron, choose your virtual currency. Whether you are a cryptocurrency lover, numismatist, collector or just curious about atypical objects, it is up to you to choose the color that makes you happy.

Quality coins ideal for collecting

At Crypto World, we love beautiful things. That's why we offer a series of cryptocurrency coins made with careful attention to detail. They are all designed in metal, or more precisely in plated iron. With a thickness of 3 mm, each measures 40 mm in diameter and weighs 28 grams. Our cryptocurrency coins have been stamped with the logo of your favorite virtual currency. Will you be tempted by a Bitcoin or Tron coin? Unless you prefer an Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash coin.

Cryptocurrency coins with or without a frame

Do you want a lucky Bitcoin coin that's always in your pocket? Do you like the idea of displaying your find? Or do you prefer to keep your Ethereum coin out of sight? Depending on your wishes, you can choose if you want your coin with or without a frame. Each coin comes with a protective acrylic capsule. The framed coin benefits from a removable presentation support. Sober and elegant, this square frame with rounded corners measures 70 mm on each side. As perfectionists at heart, we don't forget that colour counts too! That's why we offer our collection of cryptocurrency coins in several colors: gold, silver or copper.

Abolish the boundaries between virtual and real! Take advantage of all our exclusive products and create an original decoration. Choose a Bitcoin Moonwalker Poster and complete your collection with Bitcoin or Ethereum stickers for example.