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Bitcoin Poster - Moonwalker Art Print


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The Bitcoin Moonwalker poster is here! Nice to see. Radiant and attractive, it is made to please the Cryptocurrency Universe enthusiasts and lovers of Satoshi Nakamoto's inventions. Are you looking for nuggets from this intangible world or one of the world or a devotee of Bitcoin culture? Well, you've come to the right place.

A poster that flies "to the Moon"

It was this culture that opened our eyes to come up with unique designs. Among our beautiful designs is the Bitcoin Moonwalker poster. Like Bitcoin gaining altitude, this Bitcoin poster flies "to the Moon". It reaches the Moon. But not only that. The crypto poster is planted on the ground by our astronaut Satoshi. The crypto-currency poster makes, thus, the parallel with the first men having trodden the lunar soil. Its designers want to share their passion for cryptocurrency by imagining their Crypto World. A bubble that grows with you.

Designed with environmentally friendly standards

These Bitcoin posters are designed and created in Toulouse with environmentally friendly standards. They are printed on paper from sustainably managed forests. The artwork is designed using solvent-free vegetable inks. This cryptocurrency poster, a purely French product, is labeled Imprim'Vert. The Bitcoin posters have a 30 x 40 cm format, A3 equivalent. The paper weight is 250 g/m2. Its printing was done with a matte finish. The surface is textured "Rives Tradition".

Physical objects for an immaterial world

In addition to this beautiful bitcoin poster that makes you dream, you can't miss all our pretty designs that honor the crypto world. So, if you are charmed by Bitcoin, an Ethereum poster - Mars target will also be welcome. This is a beautiful coin that adopts the same characteristics as the Bitcoin Moonwalker. Also among the beautiful coins to grab is the Bitcoin Metal coin. It is ideal for collectors. With this piece of jewelry, you will have a physical contact with an immaterial world. Available in gold, silver and copper, it comes with a protective acrylic capsule.